Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

It’s likely that a lot of people are already asking you about the gown you will wear for the wedding. What kind of dress will you wear? When are you shopping? Will you be wearing sleeves? Who all are going with you? Who is your favorite designer? There are so many questions, for which, you may not yet have the answers. Indeed, bridal shopping can be very stressful.

Here’s a guide that can help you. You will find bridal dress shopping much easier with these useful tips. I am sure they are going to help you.

The Budget

wedding gown shopping tips

Ideally, the wedding dress should cost about 10% of your overall budget. So fix up a cost before you start. But plan to be flexible. It could cost more if fashion is really important to you. Alternatively, you can cut the cost and invest that by hiring a great photographer. You will look good either way.

Shop Early

You should begin the shopping 9-12 months before your wedding. Remember, it can take 4 to 10 months to make the gown. Add to that the time for shipping, alterations, and several fittings, and it will quickly add up. Yes, there are designers who offer rush jobs, but you will have to spend much more for that.

Research Well

wedding gown shopping

Think about the type of dress you want even before going to the store. Browse online, look at magazines. Maintain a folder where you can keep fabric samples, tear-outs, and anything else that catches your eyes. Show them to your consultant so she can get an idea of the kind of dresses you like.

Make an Appointment

Schedule an appointment at the bridal shop once you know what you want. Find out where you can find them if you are planning a specific designer. You have to fix up an appointment because in most places, you just cannot walk-in casually. The appointment needs to be taken 2 weeks in advance at least. Weekdays are better. Weekends are likely to be crowded.

Don’t Visit With Too Many People

how to buy a wedding dress

Many brides make the mistake of bringing along a lot of their family members and friends. You will have too many ideas with a lot of people around you, and you might end up getting confused. Less is better here. Just bring 2-3 people, those you can trust, and people whose opinions you value the most.

Size Differs

The size charts of designers always vary. So don’t be fixated with sizes. Ensure what best will fit you instead. This is always the better approach.

Bring The Right Shoes And Undergarments

wedding dress alterations

Don’t worry about the bra for the time being unless you are worried about support. For panties, the nude color is the best. Remember, plunging and strapless gowns are more supportive compared to regular clothing. All brides require alterations. Bring the bra during the alterations to ensure that it will fit under your gown. Also, you must carry heels of the right height.