Unique Wedding Gown Ideas You Will Love

Wedding gowns are often some of the most traditional dresses. But there is no rule that you have to follow. If you want, you can be creative, inventive or unique with the dress. In fact, many brides are leaving out convention and opting for a colored bridal gown, other than white. Others are trying out different things. You will be the center of attention – so this can be a great moment to show your sense of style, without taking any risks. Of course, there is also the option of still being traditional, but in a different way. Your choice! Here are some ideas for you.

Graphic Lace

graphic lace wedding dress

Many brides are now wearing bold graphic lace instead of the traditional ladylike lace of the past. This is a new trend. You will still look feminine, but your dress will look more modern and feel fresh.

Sheer Lattice

sheer wedding dress

Go for a dress that comes with sheer panels with a basket weave or netting style effect. This will give you a timeless, and yet unexpected look, and can easily be the talking point. Sheer skirts, modern convertibles with illusion necklines to delicate sleeves on classic silhouettes or subtle – there are many options to choose from. Some lattice will surely add that unique touch.


embroidered wedding dress

Embroidered wedding gowns always look good. But why not give it a new twist to make it more interesting? You can add a new life to feminine, traditional silhouettes with intricate embroidery. Gold details and elaborate geometric patterns are sure to go beyond the customary sequins and floral lace.

Crop Tops

crop top wedding dress

We have seeing crop tops so frequently on the runways in recent times. They have now made an entry into bridal wear as well. Sophia Kokosalaki, Hayley Paige, Theia, so many of them has tried this look. You can show off a little skin and make it slightly cheeky if you want. If you are a bold bride, you can go for cropped bustier. If you want to be a bit conservative, pair your high-waist skirt with a boxy top. You will certainly look a super-chic in this outfit.

Bold Color

colored wedding dress

It is not essential anymore to wear white at the wedding. In fact, it was the norm to wear a colored dress before Queen Victoria wore white while marrying Albert of Saxe-Coburg. White has been popular since 1840. But this is changing now. More and more brides are now adding a pop of color. The gowns of today come in a range of color options. You can wear red, gold, blush, pistachio green, bright blue, and even hot pink if you want.

Modern Ball Gown

modern ball gown

The ball gowns of today have also seen a makeover in many unexpected ways. You can go for button-down collared shirts with bold belts instead of corseted sweetheart bodices. A poufy princess dress is not an essential anymore.