Remember These Unexpected Wedding Expenses While Budgeting

Weddings these days have become very costly. Almost everyone has to decide a budget and try to stick to it, otherwise it can soon become quite overwhelming. There are so many details that need to be juggled. It’s not easy. It is very difficult to account for everything even with the best wedding budgeting tool. Then there will be expenses that will often be unexpected or overlooked. Here are some unexpected expenses that that often crop up. Make sure to know of them in advance so that you can keep everything covered.


wedding costs

You must have an invitation budget. While planning this, ensure that you account for the price of stamps, which is essential for mailing. This includes the stamps for the RSVP envelope and the actual invitation. It could weight quite a bit if you are using wraps or thick paper. Find out with the post office how much you have to pay in advance if it becomes bulky.

Day-Of Stationery

wedding stationery

It is likely that you have accounted for the invitations, save the dates, and the thank you cards already. But have you considered the papers required on the day of the wedding? There is quite a bit you will need on the day, such as menus, ceremony programs, framed signs, table numbers, escort cards and such others. Include the cost of them all in your stationery budget.


wedding gown

Many brides make the mistake of spending a huge portion of the budget on the dress. Yes, the wedding gown you will wear is certainly very important, and it definitely has to look perfect. But remember to keep aside enough funds so that you can have the dress altered so that it fits you precisely.

Accessories And Undergarments

wedding accessories

Undergarments and even the accessories are very important too like the alterations to make your bridal look perfect. So consider them while fixing the budget. Think of the garter, veil, lingerie, jewelry, hairpieces, shoes, clutch, the getting ready robe, and everything else. Focus on the accessories because they too will set you apart. You will then feel like a queen.

Sound, Lighting

wedding dj

These are two important costs for the reception and the ceremony. When you are hiring the DJ, always find out whether additional lighting and sound setup is a part of the total price. You will have to amplify to make sure that the guests can hear, if there will be live music at the ceremony. Everyone should be able to hear the music whether it’s an outdoor or indoor wedding, and also the readings and the vows. So it is essential to have good sound equipment.

Tips, Service Fees, Taxes

Service fees and taxes can be surprisingly high. They can add up quickly. The fees charged by vendors will always be different, so always read the contract carefully before deciding. Also remember, the tips and service fees are different.