Types of Trimmings

Trimmings are materials, often small decorations, which are attached by sewing to the body of your clothes. Though they are mostly for decoration purposes, but these trimmings have functional use as well. Trimmings are also referred to materials used to help a supplier ship garment items to the end buyer. These include carton, price ticket, gum tape, carton sticker, poly bag, hanger, collar stand, Velcro tape, tag pin, plastic clip, and many others. But we will restrict ourselves to the first explanation of trimmings.

What Are Decorative Trimmings?

decorative trimmings

Trimmings are finishing’s like buckles, trims, patches, ribbons, and clasps that are applied on clothing to accentuate the look. They add a touch of luxury, adding glitter and glamour, making you look even better. Trimmings have a long history. The art was mastered in France in the 1500s when beautiful and elaborate additions were first added to the dresses. Initially, many of them were fancy ornamentation’s, popular with the military officers and nobility, but with time they became more mainstream.

Difference Between Accessories and Trimmings

embroidered trims

Trims cover everything, except the basic fabric and accessories that are to be dispatched. Often, accessories are also termed as trimmings, but the two are not the same. There is a crucial difference between the two.

Accessories are attached to garments while they are being made, while the trimmings are attached only after the garment has been made completely. This means, you can buy trimmings separately and attach later as well. In fact, the garments you buy offline or online rarely has trimmings – almost always you have to attach your own.

fashion trims

Tissura sells some of the finest luxury trimmings you can find. The range includes corded trims, lace trims, embroidered trims, clasps, buckles, fringe trims, ribbons, feather trims, and more in different shapes and designs.

Add a Trim to Make Your Average Dress Look Stunning

Lace trims are often the most popular. These elegant trimmings can embellish your décolleté and shoulders. Embroidered patch, which glitter with bugles, beads and sequins are also a favorite with many. Exquisite clasps are timeless trims too that can turn an average dress into a masterpiece almost instantly.

Other Decorative Trims

There are many other types of decorative trims as well, such as ribbons, braids, fringe, strings, rope cords, tassels and more.

rhinestone ribbon

Ribbons are made usually from satin and nylon and are used as embellishments extensively. Nylon ribbons have broader designs. There are printed ribbons too that have become popular. Braids, on the other hand, are usually of three types – cotton threads for decorating fabric, metallic or plaited silver braids. There are narrow rounded braids and narrow flat braids. You will also find cotton loop braids.

satin ribbons

A fringe has long threads and a header. They are mostly made from satin wool or cotton, and sometimes even leather too. Rope cords and strings are thin fiber strands that are twisted together and used as ornamentation. They are mostly used in home décor. You will find them in garments too, especially period costumes. Satin cords are used in bridal veils and in necklaces. There are metallic and leather cords too.