How To Turn Your Scarf Into A Top Easily

I remember reading somewhere that Bill Gates had said that he wants to hire people who are lazy because they always find an easy way of doing difficult jobs. Yes, there are some advantages, like for instance, turning a scarf into a top. No need to go out there to buy a new top. No need to spend money for it. It’s an easy sew too. You can easily and quickly turn a scarf into a top – let me show you how.

scarf outfit

For this project, you will need to have big scarves, not those skinny ones. No issues if there is a border or a border print. You can easily sew one, if there is no border.

The First Scarf Outfit

For this project, take a scarf where the width is about 5 inches more than half of your bust. For instance, if your bust size is 36 inches, then its half is 18 inches. So your scarf width should be 18 inches + 5 inches, or 23 inches. For a 27 inch long top, the scarf’s length should be minimum 56 inches.

scarf top

Fold the scarf by half. Now you need to cut 2 pieces of 28 inches.

Give a little slope of about ½ inch for the shoulder. Mark the pieces, and cut the necklines of the back and front pieces. The front piece should have more neckline depth if you prefer a lower neckline.

Now, keep the right sides of the pieces together on the inside. Stitch the shoulder seams. Turn the top to the right, out. You must do the neckline now.

You must now bind the neckline with the bias tapes. For this, remember to keep the tapes along the neckline to make sure that the joint is at the back. Fold the tape to the inside at the short edge. Its raw edge should not be visible.

binding neckline

Now turn the tape to the inside. Hand stitch for best results.

Bring the top to your end with the right side out. Stitch the side seams along the border now, leaving 8 inches from the shoulder. This will create a small slit on both sides at the bottom edge. You are done.

You have a top that is a bit boxy because of the straight side seams. So make it with soft flowy scarves, such as georgette, chiffon fabric, and such others.

The Second Scarf Outfit

This top has a boat neckline and an asymmetrical hemline.

diy top sewing

Measure your hip and bust round. Now measure the length from one elbow to another. The scarf length should match this. The width should be top’s length. So you need a wider scarf for this project.

First, cut out two pieces (half of the width) and finish the cut edges with a hemmer foot. Keep the selvage on the long sides as it is. It is good if there is border print.

Cut the border from a short edge and attach to the front piece side edge. You will have a border on all sides. Fold the pieces from the center after marking the neck’s width. Mark the side seams as well.

scarf top

Now open the pieces and attach the shoulder and butt seams with zig zag stitch so there will be no seam allowance. Do this on both the sides. The neckline should be unstitched.

Mark the stitch close to the neck and also the side seams on the left and right sides. Stitch through the side seam lines to join the front and back pieces.