Top Embroidery

Top ways you can wear embroidery and look good in it. Embroidery is a hot trend at this time, thanks to many famous designers, such as Gucci that has refreshed the trend to give it a modern and stylish twist. I personally love embroidered clothing, and often work on projects. I find it most creative and beautiful. Even a plain, simple outfit can look so much more beautiful once it is embroidered. And, there is so much scope for it as well. There can be beautiful embellishments on jackets, denim, skirts, and even shoes.

Here are some fun ways of wearing embroidery. Check them out. I am sure you are going to get some good ideas.

Embroidered Jacket

embroidered jacket

An embroidered jacket will always look special. You can update a classic jacket with attractive, bright, embroidery work. Vibrant floral embellishments are going to refresh any look and make it look awesome for the spring. You can even add the embroidery work on a denim jacket if you want. Such a jacket will go well with virtually everything in your closet.

Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket

A bomber jacket is a great wear for the summer and spring, and it’s useful even on the chilly days. An embroidered bomber jacket will surely look very stylish and cute. There are so many ways to wearing this too. Wear the jacket with a choker, and you may even come up with a double trend outfit. It’s going to provide serious style envy.

Embroidered Skirt

embroidered skirt

How about a new skirt for the summer? Here’s a funky outfit that can give you inspiration. An embroidered skirt can be very vibrant – you can wear it all day, and even during the evening. All over embroidery will surely look stunning on it. Wear your skirt with heels or sandals. You can wear with boots too on chilly days.

Black Blouse

black blouse

Every girl needs a black dress in her wardrobe. Give it a new twist by getting an embroidered chic black blouse, or you can add the embroidery work yourself too with some simple sewing work. Why not embroider flowers and step up the style instantly? You can wear the blouse closed, open, or layered with a top below.

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Embroidered Denim

embroidered denim

Embroidered jeans look amazing, whether it is a jacket or trousers. You can see clearly why from this picture. You can wear the denim with blouse or a t-shirt, sneakers, sandals, or heels. Pretty pink flowers or any other floral design is sure to accentuate the look many times over. You can stand out from the crowd easily also with an embroidered denim jacket. Once again, it’s very easy to wear the jacket.

Embroidered Shorts

embroidered shorts

An embroidered short is going to be a real statement maker. It will look so different that you can be sure that your short is going to be an eye-turner. You can create the embroidery easily, so that’s great. Such a short will go with any top, and it’s going to look awesome with sneakers or sandals. You may want to wear your embroidered short all summer, and it will be perfect for a vacation too.