Sewing Room Tools

If you are into sewing like me, then you can’t survive without the sewing machine. However, there are other essential sewing tools you must have as well in your sewing room. With improved skills and sewing abilities, you will feel the need of these tools more and more. Here are some sewing tools, I believe are absolutely essential.

Fabric Shears

fabric shears

Your regular scissors is not going to be effective for cutting fabric. Get good fabric shears that can cut through fabric very efficiently. Also make sure that you don’t use it to cut anything else. Its also a good idea to sharpen them sometimes. Sharp tools are always going to be very handy.

A Good Iron


The first thing you should buy after the sewing machine is a good iron because you need efficient pressing for a successful finished project. Get one that feels comfortable in your hand. It shouldn’t be too heavy.

Small Craft Scissors

You will also find small craft scissors very handy for clipping the threads. They can also be used as seam-rippers if you are careful.

Seam Ripper

seam ripper

Another very useful tool to have in the sewing room in my opinion! Because, you are sure to make a mistake sooner or later, and need this one! We all make mistakes.

Rotary Cutter, Plastic Ruler, Self-Healing Cutting Mat

rotary cutter

Use a rotary cutter instead of scissors for cutting out pattern pieces. Your life will be much easier. The rotary blades can also be easily replaced. And if you use a rotary cutter, then you will also need a self-healing cutting mat, because otherwise, you will end up damaging the work surface. Also get a clear plastic ruler. This will help you straighten the edges of the fabric.

Magnetic Pincushion

You must always stow away the pins safely, more so if there are kids or pets in your home. A magnetic pincushion is going to help you immensely here. With this, you can make sure that all the pins are kept safely where they belong, instead of lying around everywhere. This is a handy tool that will let you keep the pins close to the holder. The strong magnet will pull the pins into place. It is so convenient.

Sewing Machine Needles

sewing machine needles

You will get needles with your machine. But they are never going to be adequate. You will certainly need extra needles as they will become dull gradually with use. Sharp needles are always best, remember. Get ballpoint needles if you are planning on working with knits.

Hand Sewing Needles

There will be some hand finishing involved in most sewing projects, such as sewing on a button. These needles will be very handy here.

Seam Gauge

seam gauge

A seam gauge is an essential tool because it will help you find accuracy in pressing hems, pleats, and other jobs. Its best to get a simple seam gauge with a sliding gauge that gives you consistent and even placement always.

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