Sewing For Children

The kids these days are color and fashion conscious, and they are finicky about what they will wear. A part of your world goes when they grow up, and also, you cannot sew for them anymore. I really miss sewing clothes for the kids.

How to Select Fabrics for Children Clothes

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There are 3 things to consider when you are sewing for kids – safety, comfort, and appearance. Buy the right fabrics for those cute shirts, skirts, mittens, leggings, shorts, dresses, and rompers. The fabric needs to be lightweight and soft on the skin. Also make sure that it won’t shrink after washing or fade with sun exposure.

While looking for comfort, check its breathability and absorbability. Use of the dress will also matter. The fabric need not be very durable, if it is a party wear, for instance. But it must be very durable if it is a play dress. My choice is always medium weight. When making pants, I go for soft denims, and for shorts it is soft corduroys. Cotton blends with synthetic fibers and cotton are also good. The fabrics I avoid are polyester, nylon, and rayon because they can scratch.

Sewing Patterns for Children

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You should sew what the kids want to wear instead of what you want to sew. Also consider their special concerns. If her skin is very sensitive, then there shouldn’t be any Velcro, zippers, and even labels. Organic fabrics will work best for skin conditions. Make her wear loose clothing so that the skin does not get rubbed or agitated.

Stitching and Seams in Children Clothing

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The seams should always be less bulky. French or flat felled seams work well. Skirts, like mermaid skirts, tight in the knees, will restrict her movement. Also, make the neck opening free. It shouldn’t fit snugly because she can feel claustrophobic.

Baby Clothes

I love them – clothing for kids just after they are born, and till the time they start walking. But remember, baby clothes are categorized by the bay’s height and weight, and not by the age. Avoid expensive clothing as babies at this stage grow very fast. Whatever you sew, always ensure that it doesn’t come between the legs, because they can trip and fall when they are crawling. Pants with easy fasteners are a good idea because this will help you change diapers.

Accommodating Growth

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They grow very fast, so will you buy new clothes every time they grow a couple of inches? That is not very economical. You can plan when you are designing and cutting the dress. This saves you good money.

Add extra seams so that you can rip them out and sew a new dress when your child grows. Features such as extra length in the hem, shirring, darts, tucks, and such others will help you accommodate growth. Add an inch at the edge of the hem so that you can let down when your child grows taller. Similarly, an elastic weight can accommodate growth as well. Add an elastic waist when making skirts, pant dresses, and shorts.