3 Everyday Ways Of Wearing Satin

Most of us, when we think of satin, we only remember those luxurious pillows, the old wedding dress of mom, or the PJ sets. We usually don’t consider the fabric for everyday clothing, which is a pity, because satin can give you a luxury feeling and that too without your luxury price tag.

The truth is that, you can wear satin everyday and in different ways, and you will look gorgeous in it. Satin, is in fact, showing up everywhere now. You will see the fabric in bomber jackets, shorts and heels too. The fabric is trending.

satin outfit idea

Yes, it’s a fact that it isn’t one of the most flexible fabrics you can find. After all, satin stains, and these stains cannot be removed easily, and so the fabric can get damaged. However, this is still a very beautiful fabric, which is why many designers are now taking a chance with it.

I will now show you 3 different ways of how you can wear satin every day, and not look like you are about to hit the bed or like your grandma.

Satin Outfit #1 – Fancy Joggers

black satin jogger

I am always looking for an opportunity to wear my joggers. So it is no surprise that I was drawn to black satin joggers. They are extremely soft and comfortable, and the sheen as you walk wearing it will be noticed for sure. This will add something extra to the way you look. You can make your even more classier or fancier, depending on your mood. To add glamour, wear pretty bauble earrings and black sandals to complete your look. Finally, carry a chic black leather handbag, and you will be the talk of the town.

Satin Outfit #2 – Camisole Top

satin camisole top outfit

Here’s an adorable satin top that you can style in so many ways. This will look lovely and will still be so lightweight. You can even wear one with lace detailing if you want. One way of wearing this is with blush wide-leg pants. Make sure that it has a high waist that will go very well with the top and give you an hourglass shape. Or you can also wear the top with white jeans in this way. Complete your look by wearing a cardigan at top for colder weather and carry a gray bag. Further, you can give your hair a twist with a ballerina bun.

Satin Outfit #3 – Fancy Skirt

satin skirt outfit

Here’s a satin skirt outfit I am sure you are going to fall in love with, especially if you want to look like a princess and want a lady-like look. The skirt has a concealed side zipper and a high-low hem. You can wear this with a black off-the-shoulder top in this way or with a white crop top if you want to show off your shoulders. A chic gold clutch will be perfect with this outfit.

I am sure you are going to look a true fashionista in all these 3 outfit ideas. Which one if your favorite? Do let me know.