Portable DIY First Aid Kit

It’s always good to have a first aid kit at home. It would be even better if you can have a portable kit that you can take with you wherever you go, on vacations, family outings. Most first aid kits are however, quite drab looking. But you can change that. Why not make a beautiful small first aid kit yourself? This is going to be a fun DIY project you will love, and it will be very useful too.

I am always trying to be prepared for unexpected injuries. I cannot even count the number of times I have found the first aid kit most useful over the years. Besides, it can be a fabulous gift idea as well for friends, neighbors, and family members. So here’s a tutorial that will show you how to make a small first aid kit at home. All the best for your DIY project! I am sure you are going to enjoy making it.

first aid kit

What You Will Need For Making This Portable First Aid Kit

  • Fabric in 2 patterns
  • Coordinating thread
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Ink marker (washable)
  • Ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Sewing supplies – shears, machine, etc.
  • Rotary cutter
  • Mat

First, you have to make the cuts:

  • 1 main inner piece, 1 outer piece, and 1 interfacing piece – each 6×11”
  • 1 piece for the pocket – 13×11”
  • Ribbons, 2 pieces – 16-18”

Keep the pocket piece face down on the work surface. Now fold up a short edge 2.5”. Fold up the opposite edge 4”. Make sure that the raw edges of the folded sections are meeting. Now, fold up the 2.5” section over the 4” section. The pocket will begin to appear.

Take the washable ink marker and make 2” marks at the left edge of the 2.5” section of the pocket. The marks have to be positioned in such a way that one is at the top and the other is close to the bottom.

home made first aid kit

Make a second set of marks 1.75” from the first set. There should be 4 sets of marks, with 1.75” between each set. Connect all the marks by drawing lines. There will be total 5 lines, dividing the pocket into 6 sections.

Open the piece and stitch along the folded edges. Refold, making sure that the narrow flap is on the wider flap. Stitch down the first, third, and fifth lines from top to bottom of the narrow flap.

portable first aid kit

Keep the pocket piece on the main inner piece, with the pocket ½” from the inner piece’s lower edge. Stitch the lower edge so that the pocket is secured to the main inner piece. Also stitch along the second and fourth lines of the pocket from the top to the bottom.

Stack the ribbon pieces, right side facing. Pin to the inner piece’s right edge. Pin the ribbon piece tail at the center.

first aid kit sewing tutorial

Keep the inside piece face up, and the outside piece, on top of the inside, face down. Right sides of each should face. Pin.

Stitch around the perimeter of the joined pieces. There should be a 3” opening at the bottom. Snip the corners. Press flat.