Top Embroidery


Top ways you can wear embroidery and look good in it. Embroidery is a hot trend at this time, thanks to many famous designers, such as Gucci that has refreshed

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Button Design History


Running fingers over buttons gives a very satisfying feeling – they feel like candy or coins. But these buttons can also give you a lot of information. They have a

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Boxing Corners


A boxed corner is a very useful sewing technique. It creates space in something, which is otherwise flat. For instance, there will be more room in your bag so you

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Sewing Machine Parts


A sewing machine is a very important instrument for garment making. There are many kinds of sewing machines, but their basic structure is the same, whether they are treadle machines,

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Sewing For Children


The kids these days are color and fashion conscious, and they are finicky about what they will wear. A part of your world goes when they grow up, and also,

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Types of Trimmings


Trimmings are materials, often small decorations, which are attached by sewing to the body of your clothes. Though they are mostly for decoration purposes, but these trimmings have functional use

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Sewing On A Button


Sewing on a button is a very useful skill to have. There can be a sudden emergency, and with a formal event coming up. If you know how to do

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How To Insert Metal Snaps In Fabric


A metal snap works very well in many sewing applications. They are more durable than Velcro, and you will find them easier to use than buttons. This is why you

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Hand Stitch Types


There are many types of hand stitching techniques, but 5 of them are the most important ones to me. Most of your DIY projects will involve them. So here are

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Hand Sewing Benefits


Dead spiders or cockroaches – that’s the common word for buttonholes when apprentices are just learning to sew them, as they can look quite awful in the beginning. But don’t

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Buttonhole Sewing


There’s nothing wrong with a machine-sewn buttonhole. However, I believe a hand-worked one often looks nicer. It does a better job too. Take for instance, if your fabric is too

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