Characteristics And Types Of Organza Fabric

Organza is a plain weave, lightweight fabric. Its drape is very good. Many tailors use this fabric to make skirts and dresses with volume. It looks sheer, but organza is an extremely strong fabric. Traditionally, the fabric is made from silk, but there is also a cotton variety of organza, which is called ‘organdy’. Its properties are the same. These days, you will find organza made both with synthetic and natural materials. Organza is now one of the most popular fabrics for wedding and evening gowns.

Characteristics Of Organza

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If you take in hand, you will see that its finish is wiry and stiff, because of the highly twisted filament yarns. The fabric first came to Europe from the east in 18th century. It has been popular in the fashion industry ever since. The fabric has also become popular in the bridal industry. Check out high quality bridal organza at

The best quality and most luxurious organza are made from silk. It costs more, naturally. With time, weavers started making organza with synthetic fibers and viscose, which brought down the price by a great deal.

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So what are the characteristics of the fabric? Organza is smooth, sheer, crisp, wiry, slippery in nature, and it has a sculptured drape.

Its weight is usually between 20 and 50 g/m2. The fabric tends to crease, but you can restore it easily by just ironing or steaming.

The Different Types Of Organza

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You will find the fabric in many prints and colors. Here are the main types –

Crystal organza – This fabric is extremely shimmering
Embroidered organza – It is often decorated with sequins, rhinestones, beads, and satin stitch.
Shot organza – Also called Changeant organza, you will find many colored yarns in the weft and warp.
Mirror organza – This type of fabric is extremely reflective.
Satin organza – One of its faces has lustrous satin.
Crushed organza – This variety is crinkled.

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Many sewing experts and designers are now using the fabric for making aesthetic pieces for women. You can wear organza with other fabrics as well like smooth taffeta and shiny satin. And of course, like I have mentioned already, organza is a popular fabric for bridal dresses and evening gowns.

Embroidery Over Organza

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Wear a dress with embroidered fabric and you will surely stand out from the crowd. This kind of organza will cost more, but it could be worth it if you truly want to make your mark. But remember, it is best to get the embroidery professionally done. The fabric is light and slippery. It can get distorted easily.

The Other Uses Of Organza

The organza fabric is popular in clothing like loose blouses, full dresses, airy skirts, evening gowns and bridal dresses. But there are some other uses as well. For instance, it is used as an accessory in anniversaries and birthday parties to accompany casual looks – organza bracelets and bands. It is also used in trimmings – flowers, bows, ribbons and necklaces.