Top Reasons For Wearing Linen Clothes In The Summer

Summer is almost here and we are feeling the heat already. Personally, I prefer to stay indoors as much as possible this time of the year to avoid the sun, but what about those who must go outside? They have to live with the hot weather. There’s however a good way to feel cooler, even in the heat. And you can still look stylish. I am talking about the linen fabric. Yes, there are many reasons why you should wear linen when it’s hot. It’s a trending fashion as well. Just take a look at the top summer reasons.

Offers Better Airflow

grey linen pant

Linen is very versatile. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The fabric won’t stick to your body when you are wearing. This means there is better airflow throughout your body. It also reflects heat, which makes you feel cooler. Heat escapes quickly. Actually linen’s heat conductivity is proved to be eighteen times more than silk and five times better than wool. Thanks to its temperature regulating properties, you are likely to perspire 1.5 times less than those wearing cotton, and twice as well as a person wearing a viscose dress.

Linen Absorbs Sweat

linen long dress

The fabric can absorb moisture very quickly, so your sweat won’t make you look exhausted. Your linen shirt will not also feel damp because the moisture will evaporate quickly.

Linen Is Extremely Lightweight

Sometimes, wearing clothes becomes quite unbearable. In the heat of summer, you might feel like taking off whatever you are wearing. But linen is so lightweight that you are always going to feel extremely comfortable in it.

Linen Is Hypoallergenic

linen striped pant

The anti-allergic properties of linen are very famous. The natural elements of the fabric make it fight and prevent the growth of pathenogenic bacteria, microfiora, and fungi. It also prevents eczema. Many of us have sensitive skin and develop skin problems in the summer months. Just wear a linen shirt and you will reduce the risk drastically. People with dry skin can also wear clothing made with the fabric.

Linen Is Very Durable

linen dress

By nature, the fabric is extremely durable and tough, so it will last for a long time with just a few basic precautions. Linen is known for its tensile strength that is actually twice more than cotton. You can wash it as often as you need without worrying. In fact, linen will actually become more pleasant and softer to the touch after washing.

Stimulates Blood Flow

linen outfit ideas

You may be surprised to know that research has proved linen to stimulate blood flow. This is probably one reason why we feel refreshed and relaxed when we wear it.

The long summer months are about to start. How many linen pieces do you have in your wardrobe? Why not prepare for the summer by adding a few more? It’s a great idea. You can also buy linen fabric at the Tissura online store and get it tailor made.