Hand Sewing Benefits

Dead spiders or cockroaches – that’s the common word for buttonholes when apprentices are just learning to sew them, as they can look quite awful in the beginning. But don’t you worry about this. There is always a first time for everything. Most first time efforts, in virtually anything we do are usually failures.

You will certainly get better with time and practice. And once you see a hand-sewn button hole that is well executed, everything done with machine is going to look so depressing. Hand sewn buttonholes can look like small artworks. Yes, it’s a skill to be learned, but you can do it. I am sure of this.

Make the Critical Areas Better With Hand Sewing

hand sewing

But remember, embroidery, hand-sewn button holes, and pick-stitching are aesthetic improvements, but they will make no difference in the wearability or performance of your dress. But it is still worth it, because hand sewing will improve the flexibility and softness of the critical areas, like for instance, the lapels, chest, collar and the armhole.

What Makes Hand Sewing Better

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Stitches made by a machine, even the modern advanced ones, cannot give you the softness that you get from a hand sewn stitch. That’s because, the rapid movement of machine sewing will pull and lock the thread tightly, and as a result, it will be stiffer and harder when you wear the trouser or jacket. But a hand sewn stitch will give you flexibility between stitches, which will make the cloth move as you wear it. There will be less pulling against you, allowing the trouser or jacket to move too.

The herringbone stitches are spaced evenly, but they can be adjusted in important places, such as further apart or more closely, for creating a 3 dimensional look. This can be done mostly in the collar and the lapels. The stitches have to be smaller and must be close together to make the lapel roll strongly. It is true for the collar too. A tailor can narrow the stitches or widen them.

How Handmade Stitching Makes You Feel More Comfortable


This can be done with machines as well, but there is no softness or feel of the human hand, which is what, makes your dress just like you want it. Handmade stitch will allow the seam to flex before the cloth. As a result, your cloth will work with you, and not against you, making you feel more comfortable.

Brand-name suits, which are high end luxury items for men, are at least partly hand finished. The lapels, seems, and pick stitches often have handmade button holes. No machine has as yet been able to replicate a buttonhole that has been done by hand. Quite simply, machine work is just not good enough.

hand sewn shoes

Hand sewing is better even with shoes, especially the welt. Hand-welting will give you a softer shoe because a person can always control the tension better than a machine that will rapid fire the stitches into the leather. This is why hand-welted shoes are always considered premium and are more expensive.