Fall Fashion Trends To Follow

Fall is finally here. It’s time to look at the runway trends in Milan, London, Paris, and New York that is dictating the fashion trends for the season. I am seeing many familiar colors, patterns, and layering tricks, but often they are being worn in a new way. That is not a surprise as fashion keeps changing year to year. Every time it’s a bit different. This is what keeps it exciting.

Protective Dressing

protective outfit

We have been seeing outdoor and camouflage utilitarian tropes for some time now. But now it seems like, protective garments are really taking over. Prada, for instance, is rethinking nylon, which is like the brand’s signature. You will see a lot of neon being used, in several reflective colors. Gosha Rubchinskiy, Maison Margiela, and Junya Watanabe are in action as well. Safety is definitely the first here.

Fashion From The 80s

fashion trends from the 80s

The 1980s are making a comeback, thanks to electric-hued animal prints, assertive shoulders and short dresses. You will see this trend in the oversize outerwear from Marc Jacobs and the little dresses from Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent. However, this time, more is more.

Scarf Outerwear

scarf outfits

The scarf is one of Queen Elizabeth’s most loved accessories. As she was sitting in the front row, Richard Quinn was seen displaying the simple scarf into a fantastic outerwear and dress. But this was not the only piece of creativity with this accessory. JW Anderson, Tory Burch, Marine Serre, and others too created entire outfits with printed silk squares. It was wonderful to see.

Western Wear

western wear

Calvin Klein has often focused on western wear since the Raf Simons days at the label. But the trend has been seen also at Coach 1941, Bode, and Dries Van Noten. Designers, it seems, are sometimes inspired by the pioneer women and their self-sufficiency. Or perhaps, western wear is simply coming back so strong that it is on way to becoming a rage, but of course, with a modern twist.


sparkling outfits

Simple sequins are just not working out anymore. There is a definite sparkle in it that you cannot miss. For instance, Julien Dossena was seen creating a gorgeous aural collection for Paco Rabanne. It brought together highly shining dresses with twinkly experiences. This trend was seen even for men’s outfits too, with Palomo Spain’s metal linked dress. Fashion is looking really good here.



Beanies, fedoras, and berets have all been supreme in their own days. This time, it seems like it’s the turn of the balaclava. The head wrap of Balenciaga and Alexander Wang looked very appealing. With Versace and Valentino, it looked like a trend inspired from the looks of the 1940s and the 1950s. However, Chanel and Calvin Klein are using it to offer protection against the elements. Jeremy Scott was the most radical. His men were seen wearing masks, which were pulled from erotica.


neon outfits

Wear neon and you will certainly stand out. I could see neon everywhere on the runways. Prada was fanciful, Louis Vuitton was utilitarian, while Brandon Maxwell offered pure fun. The vibrant shades were a thing to see.