How To Wear Embroidered Denim

The embroidery trend is a must-try, whether you are into flowers, abstract designs, or anything else. You must go for it, even if you aren’t into embroidery on clothing at this time. Remember, this is currently a hot trend, and I believe it is here to stay for some time at least. Look around. You will find embroidery on almost everything – jackets, shoes, jeans, and even bags. Even the big fashion houses are coming out with embroidered pieces. We are seeing them in runways too.

Here, I will show you some of the best and unique ways of wearing embroidery on denim. You can wear this trend easily. If you want, you can do the embroidery yourself too. It looks very casual, and makes your denim even more smart and cool.

Embroidered Jeans With Striped Shirt

embroidered jeans with striped shirt

I am a big fan of denim, so I end up wearing it all the time, even when I am home just relaxing. So why not make it embroidered denim for the home just for fun casually? You can also wear your embroidered denim casually with a striped shirt in this way. The denim in this photo has very delicate and nice flowers. It looks lovely.

Embroidered Jeans With Ruffle Shirt

embroidered jeans with ruffle shirt

Here is another way of wearing a shirt, of course in a different style, with your embroidered denim. This ruffled off-shoulder shirt, belt, and jeans will make a good night out outfit, turning heads in your direction. The red roses makes the jeans look chic. You can pair this outfit with your high heel black sandals.

Embroidered Jeans With Black Turtleneck

embroidered jeans with black turtleneck

This combination is a classic one. The black mules are giving this outfit a modern and chic vibe, which I am sure you are going to love. Even simplistic embroidery can do wonders, as you can see here. Round it off perfectly by wearing a fedora hat like this.

Embroidered Denim With Faux Fur Coat

embroidered denim with faux fur coat

The denim here has ornament embroidery, which is sure to get noticed. It looks both chic and modern. Combine the jeans with your faux fur coat for a cold day. The coat will keep you feeling cozy, and your denim will rock your overall outfit.

Embroidered Denim With Short Black Jacket

embroidered denim with short black jacket

The embroidery here is bigger and bolder, covering almost the entire denim piece. But it is still looking very elegant and nice. Perhaps the easiest way of pairing the jeans with other pieces is by wearing black. This combination will be a safe bet. Wear denim with cut hem as it is a big trend now.

Embroidered Denim With Mustard Yellow Sweater

embroidered denim with mustard yellow sweater

Think of color matching the embroidery with a staple piece. Just take a close look at this photo here. See how the embroidered flowers on denim and matching with the sweater, which is in the same shade. This is making the entire outfit so subtle.

Embroidered White Jeans With Denim Jacket

embroidered white jeans with denim jacket

Not just the classic blue, even your white jeans can look good once embroidered. Mix it up with a dark colored denim shirt and you will have a splendid double denim effect. You can wear this look with flats or high heels.