Top Cotton Producers In The World

China is the leading cotton manufacturing country in the world, closely followed by India and the United States. It is a great fabric for the summer months, very comfortable to wear, cool, and there are plenty of styling options as well. You can wear a cotton dress in so many ways.

cotton plant

The cotton fiber comes from a shrub plant. It is fluffy and soft. Cotton is used for making textiles, which is used to make clothes. The seeds are sown in fields. Unwanted plants are weeds are removed periodically. Fertilizers and pesticides are applied to get the finest end product. Sometimes chemicals are also used to get even better quality. In most parts of the world, machines are used for harvesting when the cotton has a ball shape. Then the processes of seeding, picking, ginning and baling are carried out.

Countries That Produce The Maximum Cotton

cotton farmer

Like I have mentioned before, China, India and US makes the most cotton. China makes 6,532 thousand metric tons every year, closely followed by India with 6,423 thousand metric tons, and then comes the United States, which produces of 3,553 thousand metric tons annually.


There are about 100,000 farmers in the country engaged in the production of cotton. This then goes to the 7,500 textile businesses that produce cotton cloth with an estimated valuation of US $73 billion annually. Moderate rainfall in China helps the production process. Fertilizers and pesticides are used to protect the cotton plant from pest infestations.


cotton factory

India ranks second, just behind China. The country has a long history in cotton production. Cotton threads have been found from the sites of the Indus valley civilization. India produces a huge quantity of 6,423 thousand metric tons because of the favorable climate in northern and western parts of the country. 25-35 degree Celsius, which is moderate temperature, is best for cotton cultivation. Machines are used for processing to get the best quality.

United States

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Modern machines are also used to harvest the best cotton in the United States. These machines are applied to pick up the balls, so the plants are not harmed in the process. The states of California, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and Arizona produce the maximum quantity in the country. These states have favorable climatic conditions, which helps. Spinning and power looms were used widely before. But modern technology has been used in the United States for a long time.

Some of the other leading cotton manufacturing countries are Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and Australia.

Cotton Applications

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The best quality cotton fabric is used to make clothes – shirts, t-shirts, trousers, and even handkerchiefs and towels. Cotton-made clothes are light, soft, and very comfortable. The fabric is perfect for hot weather conditions. You can find the best quality cotton from the most reputable factories in the world at the Tissura online store. Do take a look. See the biggest textile companies in the world here.

There are other applications of cotton as well. For instance, cotton cellulose is used to make paper. Medical practitioners also use cotton puffs to dress wounds. Cotton byproducts include candles, oil, and it is also used to manufacture soaps.