Summer’s Coolest Fabric – Chambray

The summer is a hot time of the year, very uncomfortable for a lot of people. Many prefer to wear cotton this time of the year, while others prefer linen to stay cool. But there is one fabric that tops it all – Chambray. It is often called “summer’s coolest fabric”, and for good reasons too.

chambray dress

Chambray has a unique texture and color depth. It is a light-weight cotton fabric, which combines white yarn on one side and colored yarn on the other. It is traditionally woven in a plain weave. The weft and warp forms a dense crisscross pattern. The chambray fabric belongs to the denim family, but there are many differences between the two. For instance, it is more lightweight than denim. There are many varieties as well. Denim can be very uncomfortable to wear in the summer. Go for chambray instead.

Varieties Of Chambray

Material composition, weight, and thickness of the threads used, determines the drape and weight of the chambray fabric. Traditionally, it has been made from 100% cotton, but these days, many different varieties of chambray have become available, like for instance, cotton tencel chambray or chambray stretch linen.

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Stretch – There is a little bit of spandex here, which makes the fabric more comfortable to wear.

Linen – Cotton and linen fibers are blended for creating a fabric that is extra smooth. The blending also gives it a different texture.

Tencel – Cotton and tencel, a fiber made of wood pulp, is blended for creating a strong and lightweight fabric that is both wrinkle resistant and soft.

Chambray Popular With The Designers

chambray shirt style

Fashion designers too this season are in love with this durable and soft fabric. They are finding innovative and new ways of bringing it into the fashion fold. That’s why you have chambray showing up everywhere now, in jumpsuits, dresses, pants, and in sneakers too. It’s a light denim shade, a neutral, which lets you mix easily with different outfits.

How To Wear Chambray

chambray with denim

You can make all types of clothing with this fabric in your sewing project. Often, you will see the fabric used for making garments, especially shirts, skirts, and dresses. Chambray is also used in bags, quilts, and in home décor projects too.

how to wear chambray

Chambray is typically a casual material, but you can also dress up by pairing with suiting separates – like wearing a chambray shirt below a sport coat. For an afternoon party or date-night outfit, you can wear a chambray dress. The fabric will look cool and crisp even with a little wrinkle. For an everyday look, you can pair chambray with denim. Experiment with different shades and washes, perhaps with a leather belt to get contrast, and you will look different and gorgeous.

We are also seeing playful embellishments and embroidery over chambray this season. They are both trending at this time and looking awesome. So go ahead. Stay cool and look cool this summer. The chambray fabric could very well be the right choice this year.